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Connecting generations
and stories

An exhibition in collaboration with RG10 Gallery by Madge Gill Bukasa

The exhibition "Restitution - Connections between Generations and Stories"! presents contemporary African artists based and working in Vienna. Their work is at the heart of our efforts to familiarize the Viennese audience with the diversity and talent of the African art scene. The exhibition offers an impressive collection of works on the theme of "restitution", with traditional and modern artworks equally represented. A highlight of the exhibition is the "Iyagbon" mask, a fascinating symbol from the Edo Pantheon in Nigeria, represented by a replica by the renowned Nigerian artist Samson Ogiamien. The exhibition goes beyond the presentation of art and opens up a space for dialogue and reflection on the historical and current challenges in dealing with African art from colonial contexts. We invite you to join us in discovering new perspectives and building bridges between cultures. "Restitution - Connections between Generations and Stories" is not just an exhibition, but also a call for critical reflection and dialogue on cultural sensitivity and historical responsibility.

Restitution Connecting generations and stories Invitation

Invitation to the exhibition Restitution

Samson Ogiamien
Solomon Okpurukhre
Sean Armani
Isabelle Cannas
Catherine Wemimo Adeyemi

Restitution is crucial to correcting historical injustices, restoring trust and paving the way for reconciliation and justice.

Sonia Siblik

Video presentation of the exhibition Restitution

Picture gallery of the exhibition Restitution

"Restitution ist die Rückgabe der Seele eines Volkes"

                                                  Sonia Siblik

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