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Artemisia's writing

The exhibition "Arte Misia", in collaboration with Katerina Teresidi, Parizad Farzaneh (director of ega: women in the center) and Sonia Siblik, presents international artistic perspectives on the diversity and mutability of the concept of "woman" in society. Through various expressive media such as painting, crafts, sculpture, graphics, photography and performance, the multifaceted nature of the female archetype is explored and a discussion on female identity is encouraged, while recognizing the challenge of grasping this complexity in its full range.

Artistic positions:

* Irena Reichel

* Elisabeth Arocker

* Eva-Christine Benesch

* Margareta Weichhart-Antony

* Dalia Blauensteiner

* Parizad Farzaneh

* Katerina Teresidi

* Sonia Siblik

* Berthild Zierl

* Lisa German

* Naomi Devil

* Veronika Junger

* Lulu Schmidt X The Ghost

* Denise Figueroa

* Stefanie Knechtl

* Carolina Costa

ArteMisia design by Sonia Siblik

Invitation ArteMisia

Video of the artistic positions:

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