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The Cross of Life

The Cross of Life, as described by the French anthropologist Jacques Soustelle, is a symbol that represents the totality of the world. In Mexico, it is considered a symbol of orientation that refers to the four cardinal points. It represents time and space in relation to the rotation of the planet and the sunrise and sunset.

Depending on the indigenous culture we refer to, seven cosmic directions are recognized: north, south, east and west, the areas above and below, and the interior or center. Most of the myths about the origin of life, the laws of the cosmos, the planes of the universe, and the agricultural and festive cycles are based on this concept.

Today, each indigenous group has developed its own version of the cross, incorporating ideological and cultural elements from both the West and the East. The series of crosses currently being made will be part of the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Green Cross by Sonia Siblik, Intervention Irena Reichel

Green Cross by Sonia Siblik, Intervention Irena Reichel

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