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Now! Venus

Irena Reichel is a visual artist from Bulgaria. She is known for her abstract paintings and her experimental approach to various art forms. Reichel has participated in numerous exhibitions and her works have been presented in various galleries and art fairs worldwide. She is known for using various techniques and materials to create unique visual experiences. Her art is often praised for its expressive and complex depiction of the human mind and emotions.
Irena Reichel.jpg
Invitation Now! Venus

Now! Venus. Irene Reichel poses the question: What would happen if the primal force of female energy were to encounter today's world? Would she be happy with our development? The leitmotif is a voluptuous female form with emphasized breasts, stomach and pelvis, while the head is relatively small and without facial details. A primal representation of fertility and female sexuality or perhaps just the wisdom and divinity of the feminine. Reichel presents her in her pictures as a woman, spirit and heroine, as a savior of the world!

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