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Sun key and piano

Citlali Gomez Escobar

Citlali Gómez Escobar is a Mexican pianist and composer who lives in Vienna. She holds a master's degree in social design (M.A.) from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and a bachelor's degree as a concert pianist from the Mexican Faculty of Music. In her artistic practice she deals with the meaning of music as a carrier of social knowledge, collective memory and a sense of identity.

Citlali Gómez Photo con piano.jpg
Citlali Gómez - portrait

The pianist works on various artistic projects and also gives piano lessons to young talents, for whom she organizes concerts twice a year.

As a pianist, Citlali has a varied career that includes performances as a soloist with orchestra, recitalist, chamber musician and vocal accompanist. Her most notable performances include the "Concert Musicians of Bellas Artes" and the "International Guitar Festival of Morelia" in Mexico, as well as musical lectures and concerts in Norway, Austria, Brazil and the USA. She received funding for artistic projects, including funding from the Mexican Youth Institute for her project "Canni Runda", as well as a foreign scholarship for scientific work from Die Angewandte for her project "Endangered Indigenous Songs". Her current project includes the editing and recording of the opera Fidelio for the cultural association “Sonnenlicht Tanztheater”. Since 2019, she and the Mexican soprano Liliana Arreola have formed the piano-vocal duo Arreola-Gómez, which specializes in Latin American music.

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Dynamic artist and experienced mezzo-soprano whose artistic roots are deeply rooted in her Mexican heritage. A proud graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Luxana's expertise in singing classical music is just one facet of her broad artistic spectrum.

Coming from a family where art runs in the blood, Luxana's early passion for the visual arts merged seamlessly with her vocal aspirations. Her artistic odyssey began in Mexico City, where she honed her craft and soon found herself lighting up stages around the world. The electrifying atmosphere of New York City became the backdrop for her captivating performances, showcasing her unique interplay of music and art.

Luxana's exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed; she has been honored with several Mexican government grants and the prestigious Gard Family Foundation scholarship. Her creative vision knows no bounds and is often evident in her dual role as performer and designer, shaping the visual and auditory experience of operatic productions.

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