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40- painting stories

40 - painting stories is an exhibition that offers a platform to young artists who are just establishing themselves. These artists often have fewer opportunities because they lack experience and find it difficult to gain a foothold in galleries, which are often run by a closed circle of established artists. We are committed to giving newcomers the opportunities they deserve.

The project “40 - painting stories” took place for the first time in 2023. The idea for this arose due to the great demand from young artists for exhibition spaces in order to advance their careers. Unfortunately, most resident galleries have a limited number of artists they represent, meaning newcomers have little chance of being included. This is extremely unfortunate as newcomers have a lot to say!

Invitation 40-

The project "40 - painting stories" focuses on integration, equality and acceptance. Therefore, we value internationality and do not make any distinctions. The works of art speak for themselves. Our initiative aims to create a diverse and inclusive platform where artistic expression is at the forefront, regardless of origin, gender, age or other distinguishing characteristics. We firmly believe that art is a universal language that can bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together.

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40-painting stories 2023

The exhibition "40-" is created in response to the need to support artists under 40 who have just completed their training at universities or academies. These emerging talents often struggle to find opportunities in traditional galleries, which typically favor established artists and leave little room for new talent. However, it is these young artists who are shaping the future of art and it is therefore crucial to provide them with opportunities to present and develop their work.

The exhibition is conceived as an annual event that aims to cover all areas of art by creating an inclusive space for a variety of creative expressions. This not only provides a platform for emerging talent, but also promotes diversity and innovation in the art world.

Invitation 40-painting stories 2023
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