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Emotional journeys
Abstract dialogues

The exhibition "Emotional Journeys - Abstract Dialogues" takes viewers on a fascinating journey through the complex worlds of abstract art. This exhibition presents an impressive selection of works that capture and express emotions in unique ways.


A variety of forms of expression unfold in the halls of the gallery, from powerful color plays to subtle textures, inviting the viewer to delve into the depths of their own emotional worlds. Every work of art seems to conduct a dialogue with the viewer, building a communicative bridge between the artist's inner self and the soul of the audience.


Emotional Journeys - Abstract Dialogues" is more than just an exhibition of works of art; it is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-reflection and emotional awakening. Each work is an invitation to look into your own soul and the hidden treasures of emotions to discover those who slumber there.

Invitation Emotional Journeys - Abstract Dialogues
Our artists
Francisco Claure Ibarra
Michele Francillon
Diego Masera
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