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Of Love and Other Demons

Mask workshop

The art of Mexican papier-mâché embodies the creative and cultural diversity of Mexico and remains a living tradition passed down from generation to generation. Through their colorfulness, craftsmanship and symbolic meaning, papier-mâché artworks enrich Mexico's cultural heritage and are a fascinating expression of the country's creative soul.

Masks were often used in ceremonies, especially to celebrate Christian events. The Catholic Church had a strong influence in the region during the Baroque period, and indigenous and Afrodescendent populations incorporated their own traditions into these festivities. Cultural mixing: The Baroque period in Latin America was a period of cultural mixing in which different influences fused together. Masks in dances and religious theater: Masks played an important role in dances and religious theater during festivities. These representations often told religious stories, but incorporated elements of indigenous and African cultures. Symbolism and spirituality: Masks were considered not only festive decorations, but also objects with spiritual significance. They could represent deities, ancestral spirits, or mythical figures, adding symbolic layers to ceremonies. Expression of identity and resistance: For indigenous and Afrodescendent populations, the use of masks was not only a way to participate in official festivities, but also an expression of their identity and cultural resilience. Through these practices they were able to preserve their own traditions and give them meaning in the Baroque context.

Jesus by Sonia Siblik
Tecuan by Sonia Siblik

Tecuan by Sonia Siblik

Jesus by Sonia Siblik

Devil or nothing that shines is gold by Sonia Siblik
Mexican cardboard masks

The mask collection was presented in six different exhibitions, with important exhibitions including "Ubeel Pixan" in the Lightroom One by Paul Siblik, "Nahuales" and "Baroque" in the Mexican Cultural Institute and "The Other Conquest" in the Sechsschimmelgalerie.

The Old and the Old by Sonia Siblik
Alegría by Sonia Siblik -Intervention Lalok - Juan Muñoz Sotelo

Diablito or not everything that glitters is gold by Sonia Siblik

Alegría by Sonia Siblik, Intervention Lalok - Juan Muñoz Sotelo

Old and old by Sonia Siblik

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