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There are many facets to discover in the world of art, from performing arts to abstract art. But what really constitutes art? Is it the experimentation in all disciplines of the visual arts or perhaps the powerful form of expression of performance?

The WHU EXPERIENCE focuses on one thing: the dissolution and replacement of personal style in the group area. This is not about cultivating individual egos, but rather about creating a shared and sublimated style. It's about the diversity that each person brings and the cultural influences that are integrated into the work.

The WHU EXPERIENCE rejects the idea that artists must maintain a recognizable identity forever. This view is seen as a commercial agreement between the art market and galleries and does not correspond to the actual artistic intention. Instead, the group concentrates on letting go of personal demands in the joint work and focusing on the commonality as a whole.

Only through this sublimated union can a felt density be experienced, allowing process and hidden experience to merge. The WHU EXPERIENCE is not just about art, but also about the process of creation and the hidden experiences that occur along the way. It is a journey of collaboration and growth that transcends individual boundaries and produces unique works of art.

Amanda you
Moka SheungYan

We saw it, but we don't know it.

We know it, but we don't feel it.

We feel it, but we do not/


The materials, once intimately familiar, now assume an enigmatic guise from afar. The paints and canvas; what once sheltered me now feels so uncanny. The exhibition is a journey, taking me in search of a familiar realm, yet the experience is so unfamiliar. Anxieties unravel amidst the collective artistic process, yielding perpetual tensions—among peers, within the artist's psyche, within the very essence of creation. Until the running paint is placid. There, is where we saw it.

Moka SheungYan, Amanda Du and Alfred Graselli

Photos Copyright Franz Pflügl 2024

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