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"Artistic community projects LichTraum by Sonia Siblik",
Association for the promotion of contemporary artists

art association 

Get to know us

"LichTraum by Sonia Siblik - Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Artists" is made up of artists from different disciplines and aims to promote the inclusion, equality and equal rights of national and international artists through art and their projects . The association values all forms of art equally and strives to create festivals where other groups and artists with similar goals can be involved.

An important component of the work of the association is the cooperation with other artists: inside and institutions to promote a lively exchange and further development of the contemporary art scene. Such collaborations can generate new ideas, bring in different perspectives and strengthen the artistic community. The association is therefore actively involved in the promotion of contemporary art and is committed to a diverse and inclusive art scene. 

LichtTraum by Sonia Siblik has the specific aim of creating a space for cultural convergence and dissemination between artists and audiences. The association acts as an artistic platform to realize and present contemporary art projects. Lichtraum attaches particular importance to the promotion of talented young artists of all ages and the communication of art to a broad public. This exchange of ideas and perspectives takes place in a humanistic and fraternal environment, enriching for both artists and viewers.

Our artists

Dedication. expertise. Passion.

The artist gallery will change constantly as new artists are featured with each new project.

Our cooperation partners

We develop our projects in collaboration with various institutions and strive to create working networks. We believe that much more can be achieved through cooperation.


Here you will find samples of our catalogs as well as documents about the association and calls for artists. If you need more information, please contact us by email.

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Association statutes

Carles Berruezo Alebrijes Portada.jpg


Alebrijes,  the fantastic soul of Mexico. Photographs. 

Catálogo de papel, arcilla y lienzo portada.jpg


Ouchs paint, paper and canvas. collective exhibition.

Across the water Mouna Arnaout


Best of Street/Art - Art on the Fence 2020

Ōmeteōtl The principle of duality - El principio de la dualidad portada.jpg


ometeotl, the principle of duality. Collective exhibition. 

The enemy of a Mexican


The case of Tenochtitlan 2021

contrast portada.jpg


7 artistic positions.


Catálogo StreetArt 2021 Portada.jpg


Best of Street/Art - Art on the Fence 2021

Best of StreetArt - Art on the Fence.jpg


Best of Street/Art - art on the fence 2022.  collective exhibition

Art catalog 1st Vienna ArtPark (21 x 29.7 cm).jpg


Best of 1st Vienna Art Park 2023



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Heinrichsgasse 2,

1010 Vienna


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We are subject to the association law, you can download our statutes on this page. 

Chairwoman Sonia Siblik

cashier dr Dieter Benesch

Heinrichsgasse 2, 1010 Vienna.

+43660 5333 131


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