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Of miracles and faith

Milagros mexicanos are small metallic amulets or symbols traditionally used in Mexico for religious and spiritual purposes. The term "milagro" means "miracle" in Spanish. These items, often made of tin or copper, represent various body parts, animals, objects, or religious figures such as saints or Jesus Christ. Believers typically bring milagros to churches or holy sites and hang them there as prayer requests or as thanks for miracles already received. Each symbol has a specific meaning and is associated with different requests or requests.
Figures made of "cartonería mexicana" - Mexican papier-mâché - were made for an exhibition. This collection included not only religious figures, but also those considered lucky charms, as they have gained importance as lucky charms in recent years. They were presented as part of three exhibitions, the most important of which were: "Baroque" at the Mexican Cultural Institute, "Love and Being" at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Haus Wittgenstein and "Dance in Spring" at the Josefstadt District Office.
Sonia Siblik Mexican Charity
My heart in your hands

My heart in your hands, resting on the Venus mountain of your repressed emotions. Slowly beating over the valley of Mars of your cowardice. The mountains of the sun and the moon merged in a darkness. The hands that once loved me are now tearing me apart. The breath evaporated, my chest opened, drawing the line of your life red, marking your destiny with crosses... SeaQ


My heart in your hands by Sonia Siblik, intervention Francisco Osorio Faber


My Milagro by Sonia Siblik,

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